Dubai Weddings: How Cultural Inspirations Can Take Your Wedding to a Whole New Level

Having a wedding full of exciting, vibrant and full-on stunning elements is a dream every bride-to-be foresees and Dubai brides are no exception.

It’s all about creating distinct memories that you and your guests can enjoy. Something out of the ordinary, a chance to witness a diverse array of ideas and innovations inspired from around the globe. After all, weddings do happen once in a lifetime.

Every culture of the world brings with it a plethora of breathtaking customs and traditions. From awe-inspiring attires and state of the art jewellery to redefine wedding rituals done right, there are so many elements a bride of today can borrow from the world’s distinct cultures.

To help brides from Dubai take their weddings to a whole new level of unique fantasy and surreal beauty, Perfection Bridal has got you covered with a marvellous array of cultural inspiration that you can borrow for your wedding day.

The Arabian Zaffa for the Bride Entrance

What better way for a bride to make her entrance than in sheer regal royalty. The Arabian Zaffa is the name given to a procession of musical dancers, roaring drums, flaming swords and other over the top elements that are sure to leave wedding guests in awe. It’s all about celebrating the wedding in style and Zaffa is surely the way to do it this season.

The Exotic Henna hands inspired by the Arabian Gulf and South East Asian region