8 Awesome Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day from Hollywood

From the Girl Next Door to the Diva, whose wedding on the big screen could be a dream come true for yours?

Growing up, a woman can recall a lot of things that must be too strong a memory to forget, and that includes her favourite items of a wedding list. If a wedding list is an alien term to you, then it won’t be after you have watched an ample amount of chick flicks, all focusing on the ultimate goal of finding one true love and getting a big diamond on her finger.

What proceeds is the fairytale wedding. A time of sheer bliss, filled with love, tranquility and romance in the air. Before the gigantic leap could be taken, a wedding must be planned. So what better than Hollywood movies to give you inspiration for your wedding planning?

Let’s get started on what you could totally borrow from the movies for your wedding day which wouldn’t necessarily burst the bubble of fantasy; in fact, what it could do is give you sufficient ideas for your big day.

Mama Mia! An Aquatic Wedding Affair

If you aren’t already hooked on an exotic location for your destination wedding, ideas from this movie will make you go gaga. If this one’s on your to watch list, watch it before the 2018 sequel is aired, and of course before you head to plan for your big day.

The aquatic hues of the Greek Island the film has been focusing on, Sophie’s wedding could give you a glimpse of what a wedding amalgamated with a vacation could turn out to be.

Bride Wars –Friendship Meets Sophistication