Everything You Need to Know About the Royal Wedding

The biggest wedding of the year just took place and with all eyes on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we’ve rounded up all the little details related to the royal wedding. Nothing short of a fairytale, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex kept the world entertained with the most publicized event for the year 2018. And trust us when we say, this couple was simply meant to be.

From the date and invitations to the décor and musicians, not to mention that breathtaking bespoke gown that kept the world in suspense since their engagement day, we’re listing it all.

The Invitations

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose to keep their invites classic and chic with a traditional British design of white background, golden borders, and jet black American ink. It was termed complete with Prince Charles badge of three feathers, all printed in gold ink.

The Venue

The breathtaking St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle was chosen as the wedding’s venue where 800 guests were to be accommodated. It took place according to schedule, 12 noon to be precise.

The Cake

Carefully chosen by the royal couple themselves, the cake was a lemon and elderflower masterpiece with spring flavors in full swing. It was created by Violet Cakes, London with Chef Claire Ptak in charge.