Weddings in Different Cultures: Emirati Weddings

Source: Oliver Dolz

Every culture has their own set of marital traditions. The similar is true for Emiratis’. One thing, however, is for sure, that an Emirati wedding is never a dull affair.

The Grand and Magnificent Ceremony

Source: UAE Yola site

Colossal Emirati weddings last for days with grandeur and opulence that is unmatched. The wedding usually lasts for a week and involves events like Laylat al Henna - a ceremony where the female friends of the bride enjoy a night of henna application, dancing and eating a magnificent feast. This is followed by the day of the wedding ceremony where the bride and the groom are bound religiously to each other through nikkah only in the presence of their families.

The evening of the ceremony involves men performing Alradhaand, women performing Zibha. The groom offers his bride the Addahbiya - a trousseau which could include jewels, expensive fabrics and perfumes and both are then left alone to spend time together. The groom and his family stay at the bride’s home for a week after which the bride is welcomed to the groom’s house with perfume and rose water.

Wedding Extravaganza