Perfection Bridal’s Guide to Rustic Wedding

There’s just something seemingly fabulous and intriguing about rustic themed weddings. From their laid back and cozy vibes to their mesmerizing hints of vintage glam, rustic weddings are a theme that’s loved by guests of all ages.

At Perfection Bridal, we’re all about giving you wedding inspiration that you’ll simply adore and thank us for in the long run. Here are our top picks for the most head over heels rustic themed wedding details ever.

What are Rustic Weddings?

Before we go all out and about into the tiny details that encompass a rustic wedding, it’s important to understand what the term rustic means in the first place. A rustic wedding is the name given to a formal event that usually incorporates elements of the countryside such as farms, barns or a vintage style. To put it simply, it’s a wedding that pays tribute to the greatness of the outdoors.

How to nail the rustic themed wedding?

Ideal Venues for Rustic Weddings

A formal banquet or dining hall is a big NO in our books when it comes to rustic themed events. Instead, you should be thinking more along the lines of casual chic such as a rustic barn, old vineyard, lively botanical garden or in some instances, even your personal backyard too.

Dress Silhouettes for Rustic Weddings