Weddings in Different Cultures: Filipino Weddings

Weddings in every culture are a celebration of love and unity and Filipino weddings are no exception. Wedding ceremonies in the Philippines today are an impressive amalgamation of modern as well as historic customs. They comprise of bringing together two distinct families as one.

Whether it’s the alluring traditional wedding attire, magical folk dance or the strong influence of family traditions - these are just a few examples of how unique Filipino weddings can be. Today, Perfection Bridal is going all out into discovering the rich cultural and immensely steeped into traditional aspects of Filipino weddings, so let’s take a look!

The Filipino Wedding Ceremony

Filipino wedding ceremonies consist of a number of rituals that have been taken from ancient Catholic religion. With the majority of the population being Catholic, it’s no surprise why most of the ceremony occurs at a Catholic Church. A number of rituals are performed and we’ve described them for you below.

The Wedding Sponsors

Other than the groomsmen as well as bridesmaids, Filipino weddings honour a number of other guests, given titles of Principal Sponsor as well as Secondary Sponsor. And this can vary from one couple to a number of significant others. These sponsors will be called upon to join the soon to be married couple in receiving their blessings.

The Coin Ceremony

A total of 13 Arras or simply coins are present inside a pouch and carried towards the altar by coin sponsors. These coins are blessed during the ceremony and gifted to the bride by the groom, as an act that symbolizes a promise of welfare for her and the future family together.