Perfection Bridal’s Guide to Outdoor Wedding

There’s a certain charm and intrigue that comes alongside outdoor weddings. The picturesque scenery, pure natural bliss and just that feeling of the great outdoors gives weddings that added touch of uniqueness. And if the weather plays in your favour, what could possibly be better?

This wedding season, Perfection Bridal is going all out regarding how you can plan the fairytale outdoor wedding of your dreams. We’re covering all the components necessary that include outdoor wedding venue inspirations, fabulous styling tips, outdoor wedding wardrobe ideas and more. So let’s get straight into it.

Venue for Days

Outdoor weddings call for a memorable venue and that’s exactly the direction you should head towards. Beaches tend to top the list as surreal outdoor locations but you don’t need to bind yourself to it. If your budget doesn’t allow for a destination wedding, think along the lines of wineries. They’re super intimate, so much fun and sure to get you those glamorous portraits. Outdoor country houses and rustic barns play a similar ordeal, with fields of fresh crops and sunsets for days. Did we mention luscious botanical gardens? These top the list for wedding parties, bachelorettes and pre-wedding brunches too.

Outdoor Weddings Call for Fashion Statements

Just because you’re celebrating in th