Weddings in Different Cultures: Greek Weddings

Modern day Greek weddings are the perfect blend of classic traditions, sheer sophistication and absolute finesse. They’re a pleasure to attend when you’re a guest and an absolute delight to host as the couple.

Whether you’re on the search to find relevant details for a Greek inspired wedding celebration or you simply wish to reconnect with your ancient Greek heritage, Perfection Bridal has you covered every step of the way. Here is everything you need to know about the abundant ways through which modern day Greek weddings are managing to fuse customs with trends.

The Koumbara and Koumbaro

The designated titles of maid of honour or Koumbara and the best man or Koumbaro have special responsibilities in a Greek wedding. They’re given special respect and are also termed as sponsors of the wedding with symbolic duties to carry out throughout the entire marriage ceremony.

The Ancient Ring Exchange Tradition

Greek weddings give special important to the classic ring exchange tradition. The bride and groom’s rings are blessed by the priest and then passed between the couple three times by the designated Koumbara and Koumbaro, after which they are placed on the couple’s fingers. This tradition marks the couple’s everlasting bond.

The Stefana - A focal Point of Many Greek Weddings